Placement and Achievement Management

CMS is a web and mobile based campus management, digital learning & analytics platform

Student Registration Management

  • Add, remove or blacklist students for the placement process
  • Smart e-portfolio and resume builder for students. Showcase achievements - projects, certification, research through e-portfolio
  • Review student placement history - opportunities applied, current status, accepted/rejected offers.

New Opportunity Creation and Sharing

  • Manage the Company & Placement requirements
  • Define Placement Types e.g. final placement, winter internship, etc.
  • Create a detailed Job Description of the opportunity
  • Apply eligibility filters – programme type, CGPA, back-log status or placement status
  • Create a student application form to collect desired information
  • Advanced option to duplicate an opportunity from the past

Student Application View

  • View Opportunity list on Web and mobile-app with complete job description
  • Access to application form to eligible students
  • Application tracking for applied students with real-time notifications

Application Management and Post Selection Process

  • Track applications and manage status of student application at each stage of the selection process.
  • Option to remove or debar a student as disciplinary action
  • Real time alerts and notification to students on status change
  • Direct Messaging: Instantly connect with student on the application process
  • Post selection, option to formally take student acceptance on record