Examination Management

CMS is a web and mobile based campus management, digital learning & analytics platform

Conduct Examination

  • Conduct examination based on Outcome Based Education: Map each question to course outcome and BT Level (Bloom’s Taxonomy).
  • Display student seating arrangement (personalised or general).
  • Manage invigilator’s duty and scheduling.
  • Record and manage examination attendance.
  • Manage questions and examination paper repository- course and programme-wise.
  • Automate existing offline examination workflow (answer key, etc).
  • Continuous classroom assessment via faculty grade book.


  • Calculate and Publish Grades/GPA/CGPA
  • Compute final score on the examination conducted and Publish
  • Manage re-evaluation/re-examination process (paid/unpaid)

Pre-Examination Management

  • Student mapping to a particular course- program.
  • Display examination infrastructure, venue and seating arrangement.
  • Manage student eligibility w.r.t attendance, fees and internals.
  • Design examination form with approvals.
  • Design and manage examination schema at the department and course level.
  • Pay examination fees (+late fees) online and generate a receipt.

Examination Schedule

  • Design and manage examination scheduling for different programs.
  • Generate Hall Ticket for the eligible students for different exam types.
  • Student to receive notification over SMS, Email & In App.
  • Get student schedular customised report based on roll number, alphabetic list & seating arrangement with attendance and other relevant details.
  • Download event reports for compliance, ranking and accreditations.