Digital Learning

CMS is a web and mobile based campus management, digital learning & analytics platform


  • Snapshot view of the classroom updates such as classes scheduled, resources shared, and assessments completed, among others.
  • Find student details added to any particular course.
  • Track student progress report.
  • View and download student attendance records.

Course Planner And Resources

  • Auto-creates lesson plan as per timetable schedule.
  • Add title, description and map topic level outcome with each lesson.
  • Get course level summary module-wise.
  • Collect student feedback ratings on each class conducted.

Online Courses

  • Plan, create and manage online courses to support e-Learning.
  • Upload Pre-record sessions, Documents and share along with the pre-reading materials.

Live Classroom

  • Seamless integration with conferencing tools(zoom/Google Meet)


  • Create Question Banks
  • Classification of Questions & Assignment to Test
  • Publish & Manage the Tests

Ask Questions

  • Interactive Sessions with Students
  • Ask Questions with Tutor


  • Dashboard reports
  • Analytical reports on student report cards, course performance, attendance